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Mission and History

Before 1971, a researcher who wanted to use historic Butte County records needed a lot of luck just to get a look at them. The records were housed in a dirt–floored basement several blocks from the Butte County Courthouse. County ledgers, tax rolls, judicial court records, voter's records, and coroner's reports were jumbled together in such disorder there was no way of knowing what was there. Only a researcher with a knowledge of what should be there, with help from a public official familiar with the basement depository, and willing to unlock doors and help hunt materials, could make use of such resources. Similar stories were repeated throughout the several counties of Northeastern California.

The county was unable to stop the deterioration and destruction of many records, but a small group of local citizens banded together in 1971 to form the Association of Northern California Records and Research, coined ANCRR. The aim of ANCRR was to collect, preserve, and facilitate retrieval of such historical records so they could be used by researchers. Under the generous auspices of the California State University, Chico Meriam Library, this was accomplished. The collection was maintained for over 30 years. Read More..

The History of ANCHR (1971-1998) by long-standing board member Lois McDonald: The Association for Northern California Historical Research is one of the philanthropic communities gathered under the umbrella of the California State University at Chico Foundation. As such, it joins the University in serving Northeastern California, the counties of Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Lassen, Tehama, Glenn, Colusa, Plumas, Yuba, Sutter and Butte.

Shortened in informal usage to ANCHR, pronounced, "anchor," the association may be doing itself a disservice by using nomenclature that does not clearly spell out its purpose and functions. This history seeks to outline 26 years of achievement and to review those original purposes to put them in historical perspective. While ANCHR may be indeed an "anchor" to our area's past, it is also a hatchway to discovery for the students of the California State University campus and for the public in our 12-county service area. Read More..